Who is ALL BEAR?

Johan “ALL BEAR” Albert is a certified personal trainer, bootcamp butcher and boxing instructor for several years. ALL BEAR has a great amount of experience working with clients of all ages and fitness levels. The focus of his training is on general fitness, weight-loss, injury prevention and individuals with sport-specific goals. ALL BEAR is dedicated to the well-being and succes of his clients. He empowers his clients to live a healthy lifestyle.

ALL BEAR specializes in weight training, boxing, nutrition, strength & conditioning as well as weight-loss programs. ALL BEAR has experience (and competed) in multiple sports – boxing, american football, track & field, soccer, calisthenics, etc …


Apart from being a certified and qualified personal trainer, ALL BEAR knows like no other how to direct you towards achieving your personal fitness and weight control goals. Unlike most trainers ALL BEAR wasn’t born with an athletic physique, in fact he was at one point morbidly obese.

This experience together with his natural strong but receptive personality enables him to pull you through where you, and other trainers would throw in the towel.

ALL BEAR listens to both your history and your goals and sets up customised training schedules that have shown incredible results in minimum of time. This will work for you too!

How does ALL BEAR do it?

He doesn’t, you do it! ALL BEAR empowers you from within. Simply through his interpersonal skills he gets you hooked, addicted if you like, on physical exercise. You will enjoy his trainings so much that the physical results follow fast.

After all the effort you’ve put into the trainings you will become very picky about what you eat. With ALL BEAR’s holistic approach he will advice you on your nutritional program too. You will discover that eating healthy is not a punishment, in fact it sharpens your taste buds!

Being fully dedicated towards the well-being of his clients his intense trainings are safely executed with great attention towards injury prevention.

ALL BEAR’s passion for food, nutrition and exercise transcends to all of his clients.

ALL BEAR inspires his clients to eat healthy and workout crazy